Training Enrollment Details

Steps to Enrollment. 

Here is how you solidify your commitment to yourself.

  • Connect with your desire to be extraordinary.
    • Or, connect with your desire to be ready to be ready
  •  Your transformation starts as soon as you say “yes, I’m doing this” inside yourself. 
  • Fill out your “Ready for Launch” prep sheet
  • Schedule a Beyond call with Morgan
    • This is an introductory call.
    • The cost of this call is $25 plus any “value added”.
    • You’ll likely find great value in this call and feel impacted by your time.
  • Be ready to go…you’ll be excited to ignite your fierce aliveness after our call.
  • Training begins with your signing a contract, submitting payment, and scheduling our launch meeting. 
  • Expect to hear from me…I’ll constantly be standing on the side of your soul, reminding you of your desire for audacious wholeness.
  • I encourage you to interact with me daily, I’ll meet you at your level of engagement

Value Added

My individual and group students are often wildly impacted by our work. At any moment you feel you want to add a “Value Added” additional exchange for our work, there is an opening for this. All these additional contributions go towards my work with wildly committed young people who are not able to offer my standard exchange rates.  

I deeply appreciate and offer a humble bow of gratitude for any and all additional contributions.  

Pay What delights you

For this training to work, you’ve got to have skin in the game. Your commitment to yourself has to be big, significant, and a stretch. This is an investment in your life – many of my clients are facing all sorts of death. I am in for the most significant, meaningful awakening you’ve ever encountered. We are not fucking around here. Your time, energy, and financial investment in this level of commitment matters. Let’s play at the level of this being a life or death proposition, because it is.

I offer a “Pay what delights you” sliding scale for the exchange of services for those ready to bring it and Play Huge. I’m aware that people have different levels of capability to offer financial exchange at this time. This work is valuable and will change your life dramatically. My demand is that everyone make as significant a contribution as possible and that cost is not a barrier for anyone ready to adventure to the Beyond. 

I ask that those who can afford more offer an additional amount to support those who have different capacities at this time.


Exchange details

Training Packages 50% is due prior to first session. Second 50% payment is due 30-days after date contract is signed. 

Single training session payment is due prior to beginning of session.


Payment preferred via Venmo – @Morgan-Rich-Beyonder

Paypal or Check is also an option.

Paypal – [email protected]

Check – please email [email protected] for mailing address.