Hear Greg's Story

of empowerment

Morgan believes in me.

He knows all my dark places and helps me see my courage in facing them.

He pisses me off when he pushes me but I know it helps me feel better. He’s a great guy. He’s a great listener and very positive. All around great guy. He’s always fun to talk to and has the best laugh and smile. Morgan is definitely someone who will push you and get the job done although I must say he’s not to good at listening when it comes to pushing too far and too constantly. Morgan is not someone to beat around the bush, he gives it to you straight and personally I enjoy that because I’m the same.”


Coaching Client
Survive and Thrive
Retreat Participant
Summer Outing Participant

Hear Phil's Story

of engagement

“Working with Morgan over the years has helped open me up to a deeper awareness within myself.

Within this awareness I have cultivated a true confidence within.

During our group sessions Morgan pushed me to dig deep and express my honest self. During our personal coaching calls Morgan brought insight to my ‘blind spots,’ so to speak, in my interactions within the group. Morgan has gently guided me in owning myself fully- an endeavor more worthwhile than any other, in my personal opinion.”


Retreat Participant
Coaching Client, Oregon
Men’s Group Participant

“Morgan - I really appreciate you reaching out.

Was going to email you today to thank you for seeing me, calling me out and facilitating a space to be completely vulnerable.

I was really struggling last night (doing better today), but have been reflecting on being better at taking care of myself when feeling overwhelmed by fear/sadness. I think I generally do a good job with this with the normal stressors/up and downs of life, but was at my edge last night and I was not feeling up to settling into that space during our meeting. Afterwords, I was able to calm a bit and be really present for my family which felt great. Anyway, much to think about and learn from. And once again, thank you for what you do and who you are. It is great to feel that I have some peers who I can learn with and learn from.”


Group Participant

“I Reached out to morgan
during a very CHALLENGING time in my life.
I am happy to say I did.

Morgan has a natural gift for helping people, and you can tell how sincere he is. 

He brings energy, passion, and caring to every coaching session, and it shows the kind of person he is and how he chooses to live his life. I am in a much better head space after working with him the past few months, and I am truly thankful and grateful for his help. “


Coaching Client, Washington state

Hear Patricks's Story

of appreciating life’s small moments

“Through his masterful work with individuals and groups, Morgan weaves an intricate tapestry of consciousness, connection, depth work and care.

In his one on one sessions, Morgan brings a unique brilliance to his work, skillfully drawing out his client’s ability to more deeply connect with themselves, their families, communities and to live as the empowered, caring people they desire to be.

Morgan’s group work brings men together in powerful expressions of fellowship, pushing their personal edges while thoughtfully supporting them to live as beautiful, powerful men, redefining and wholeheartedly stepping into the the notion of healthy masculine.

Morgan is fun, personable and accomplished at helping those he serves to feel safe and courageous as he guides them more deeply into relationship with themselves and a world in need.”

Jennifer Dawn

Colleague and Collaborator, Washington state