Imagine living each day

Completely empowered to embrace
and express the unique individual

that is YOU

Embark on an impassioned pursuit towards the fullest expression of all the creativity, curiosity, passion, care and intensity that lives in you.

Imagine living, loving and
thriving in your fullness.

Beckoned by the
dynamic nature

of this moment,

the time of the


is dawning.

The Beyonders

are a fellowship of men committed to living the fullest expression of ourselves in support and care of our people, the planet, and ourselves.

As Beyonders we are devoted to learning how to live each day in zestful aliveness, to get into all the right trouble (and to learn from the moments we find ourselves in the wrong trouble) and we do so together so as to enhance and deepen our expressions of love, friendship, and vitality.

Are you ready?

If you find yourself on the EDGE, feeling the READINESS within you calling you to STEP BEYOND the threshold of fear and uncertainty into the next GRANDEST version of you, I invite you to join me and this extraordinary group of men as we learn to:

Expand your awareness of limiting beliefs and practices that have kept you at arm’s length from all you desire
Explore tools to enhance self-care and support this in the people you care about
Engage deep listening as a tool to strengthen connection in all relationships
Practice healthy boundaries
Engage self-care practices where you commit to nourishing yourself body, mind, heart and soul
Exercise accountability for yourself and support others
Learn the value of integrity as a foundation in all you do, say and be
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As you attune to your readiness to live beyond limited thinking, fear, frustration, hesitation and stuckness, I welcome you to join this group of creative, caring, heart-centered men who are ready to roll their sleeves up and get messy in creative pursuit of the greatest version of themselves. Together, let’s move beyond mediocre into the realm of passion, play, empowered choice, accountability and thriving.

Welcome to the realm of the Beyonders, a place where together we learn to soar into the incredible, yet simple

Portal to the


so, are

you in?