Inner Guidance
Training for the unkNOWn

The opportunity to walk alongside men, young people, and families as a companion on their journey toward audacious wholeness and fierce aliveness is

the greatest possible honor I can imagine.

everyday, in a
myriad of ways, I
get to shine light on and demand action towards

the PATH

that helps people find their way to living into who it is they most desire to be.

As a companion, a trainer, a friend,

a confidante and a way shower, I serve with the fullness of my heart. This is expressed through engaged listening, intuitive guidance, creating a safe space to make room for vulnerability and woven within all forms of my work, I stand passionately with care and delight as I support alignment with the highest potential for all those I have the honor to serve. With immense intention, care, and ferocity I meet and welcome people right where they desire to be. I guide my clients to meet and celebrate the beautiful moments of life and likewise, I stand unwavering in the depth of my care and support as we awaken to the delight and important learning inside of life’s most challenging moments.

I am honored to serve as your trusted companion

Together, through this work we will:

Access true power through embracing vulnerability
Support embodiment through somatic practices (learn to feel and trust our body)
Discuss communication as the source of connection
Re-pattern outdated beliefs, habits and behaviors
Embrace accountability from empowered choice
Establish healthy daily rhythms and self-care (including diet,exercise, spiritual practice,etc.)
See and imagine into new ways to meet challenging, unsettling moments
Access inspired action·Embrace failure as the meaningful, beautiful, uncomfortable learning experience that it is
Acknowledge the power in where you are right now and the path toward where it is you want to be
Create ease, hope and relief·Learn to live with joyfulness as you say YES to life!
Explore exercises to calm and settle the nervous system in order to access greater ease body, mind and soul
Increase presence, productivity and ease in the body through accessing exercises that calm the nervous system and reduce stress
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