To truly live our fullest potential, we must recognize and celebrate ourselves as the deeply feeling, powerful dynamic beings we are.

Just as our bodies, our hearts and our minds need care in order to thrive, so too do we deeply benefit from mindfulness in the care of


Claim your power

In the course of energy work, we deepen the scope of healing that is accessed through more traditional therapeutic or coaching models.

This might include identifying and clearing energy blocks that are impacting a particular area of your life, integrating trapped emotions that are contributing to stagnant energy flow in the body, releasing core beliefs and/or differentiating energies from the collective or others in your life that have become trapped in your energy field.

The scope of this work is vast and the intuitive direction that guides it leads to profound healing. Energy work can be incorporated into any other individual session type or scheduled as the primary focus of a session together. Sliding scale of $125-$200 per hour.


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