Rise Up

The New Men's Group

Rise Up - The New Men’s group is a diverse and dynamic fellowship of deeply caring and engaged men here to more fully claim a sense of personal strength and presence; here to explore deeper connection with self, other and the natural world.

The men in this group are ready to allow curiosity, creativity, and personal commitment

to propel them


fear & uncertainty

into an experience of more fully thriving.

These men are inspired to rise up to meet moments of uncertainty and face outdated feelings of limitation that have kept them at arms reach from the aliveness we deeply desire to experience each and every day.

Guys –

now is a powerful time to be alive

and the world is asking more of us than ever before.

If you are noticing a call to find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning and to be a part of something beautifully unique where men come together in support of one another in a safe and empowering way, Rise Up!

Men, it's time to

Rise up!