Ready for


in the deepest sense of the word,


If you have found yourself here,
some part of you knows that

it's time to stop

fucking around

You are here to


As the unique brilliance you are.

This includes your courage and creativity as well as your fears and insecurities, the uncertainty and the limitation that keep you at arms reach from the aliveness you deeply desire to experience each and every day.

This group is designed to guide you to take fear by the hand, to give you the resources to meet shame, embarrassment and insecurities and transcend those energies into power tools that propel you into living the greatest experience of yourself. Through our work together you will have an opportunity to:

Walk alongside a group of like-minded men, ready to launch into the greatest version of themselves
Learn how to meet moments of shame and embarrassment as energies to usher you more deeply into relationship with yourself
Establish daily rhythms that foster greater health, balance and embodiment
Engage with new self-care practices that support stress management
Find new ways of navigating challenging relationship moments.
Envision the life you want and how to set your sails in that direction
Experience accountability from an empowered place
Support and be supported by men who are ‘doing their work’
Find new tools for navigating discomfort
Attune to the courage to live as the deeply caring man you are
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If you find yourself bumping up against an internal discomfort that is nudging you to feel alive, to push yourself into new territories and to create your Now to be a time that you look back upon as an extraordinary experience of empowered wholeness, this group is for you. Join me and this amazing group of young men as we step into this

Wild Adventure

Of thriving in our empowered aliveness together!

so, are

you in?