welcomes a beautiful cohort of men together in fellowship

Together, we create a safe space.

We explore and learn new tools for offering the very best of ourselves in relationship to one another, our families, life and Self. The work we engage is organic, dynamic and reflective of the changing times. Though we operate within a framework of intention, we allow the unfolding of each group meeting to reflect the natural need, curiosity and celebration of each time together.

This work is


Our group times
reflect opportunities to:

Learn tools for rupture and repair
Grow and learn from one another as we relate to one another with respect, presence,honesty and vulnerability
Discussing communication as a means for deepening connection
Learn techniques and new understandings for how to best hold and uplift the important people in our lives
Explore self-regulation and reflection as a tool for deepening in all relationships
Re-pattering outdated beliefs, habits and behaviors
Learn to trust the moment versus reacting to challenges as they arise
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so, are

you in?